Supper Club


I invite you into my home
offering fresh, seasonal and homemade food,
exclusively cooked for you.
It is a vegetarian fusion of my Bosnian past,
Berliner present
and unknown future.
The transformative potential of food
that I share with you
represents my own,
individual, continuous

We live in times where the meaning of the word hospitality, at least in European sense, needs to be reinvented. Therefore, I don’t want to be your host with my own rules. Instead I understand myself as a guest of my guests. In interactions of this kind, we are all able to transform and renew ourselves.

Let’s come together!!!

Next schedules for Ritual Cuisine Supper Club:

Saturday, 08.04.2017 at 7 pm

Where? Berlin Friedrichshain (close to Ubhf. Samariterstr. or S-Ubhf. Frankfurter Allee) 

3 courses vegetarian and seasonal menu with mixed group (up to 8 people, vegan option available)
Price 40 EUR p.P.

If you like to keep your dinner ritual more intimate, you can also book a private dinner for you and your friends (2- 8 people). 

3 courses vegetarian menu with mixed group (up to 8 people, vegan option also available)
Price: 50 EUR p.P.

For bookings and further informations please contact Nikolina per:
+49 163 253 99 18






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