Compulsion (written by Wislawa Szymborska)

We eat another life so as to live.
A corps of pork with departed cabbage.
Every menu is obituary.

Even the kindest of souls
must consume, digest something killed
so that their warm hearts
won’t stop beating.

Even the most lyrical of poets.
Even the strictest ascetics
chew and swallow something
that once kept itself growing.
I can’t quite reconcile that with good gods.
Unless they’re naive,
unless they’re gullible
and gave all power over the world to nature.
And she, frenzied, send us hunger,
and where hunger begins,
innocence ends.

Hunger instantly joins forces with the senses:
taste, smell, and touch and sight,
since we don’t fail to notice what dishes
are served on which plates.

Even hearing plays a part
in what takes a place,
since cheerful chatter often rises at the table.

About me

My Name is Nikolina Skenderija- Bohnet and I have two rituals that I do every day: cooking and yoga. Trough my daily yoga practice I am able to observe my body (and mind) very closely and to feel every small change on it. Therefore I attempt to create substantial, balanced meals, that content everything what (my) body and mind need to stay strong and flexible.

I learned to cook by myself, but my mother, who always made for me marvelous meals, is my intense inspiration. 

I`m writing my PhD thesis (about food) on Institute for Cultural Studies, at Humboldt-University in Berlin. I speak Serbo-Bosnian-Croatian, German, English, Spanish and food.






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