If you have any questions about Ritual Cuisine or if you want to make a table reservation for Bosnian Private Dining please write on:

You can follow Ritual Cuisine also on Facebook.

It would be nice to hear from you!

One Response to Contact

  1. Laurent says:

    Hello Nikolina,
    I’m Laurent, a friend of Julie Becquart.
    How are you ? Are you in Berlin ?
    She told me about you, she gave me your website and your contact because your “Cooking Recept” could be interesting for me & my new project.
    In fact, I just start my website:
    I realize some portraits of Artists. Artists from everywhere, who make every kind of art…Musician, Street Artists, Crafts, Circus and Cooking (it´s also a real Art…)
    If you want to make a video with me, tell me: it could be really nice.
    Hope to hear you soon

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