Lazy saturday morning- Buckwheat pancakes with Rhubarb Syrup


A lazy Saturday morning. I woke up early. It’s spring. Our home is a secret place of light at sunrise. Everything is still. I can hear my breath. I walk barefoot through our corridor. I wash my face and go to the kitchen still wearing my pajamas. Our lovely kitchen. On the table there’s a bunch of lilacs. I want to hug the whole vase, but I just touch the small violet, fleshy flowers with my fingertips. I sit with the lilacs for 5 minutes. Then I make some coffee. The one we brought from Mexico. I take one spoon of honey and drink a little bit of warm water. I drink my coffee while I am looking at the big tree through the window. I read a few rows from the newspaper.  Then I open the refrigerator and take the long, pink sticks out of it. I immediately feel their sour taste in my mouth. The rhubarb. In the vegetable kingdom the rhubarb is a long exotic snake with shiny, colorful skin. I am afraid of snakes. But I pet the rhubarb. Then I wash it. It would be nice to not be afraid of snakes. I let the rhubarb dry and start to play with the fresh rosemary. I chop its leaves into very small pieces.


The sun is already a little bit higher and my kitchen is full of aroma: coffee, lilac, rosemary and now vanilla appears too. When I smell vanilla I think of the yoga studio. I love yoga. I am happy to know that I will wear all those aromas directly on my hands for the next hours. I turn the radio on. I chop the rhubarb and pull the lovely, green pot from the shelf. I squeeze one orange. I eat the rest that I couldn’t squeeze. I put the rhubarb, the orange juice, the rosemary and the vanilla in the pot. I warm it up. I am hypnotized by these colors and smells. I pour some maple syrup over it. I gently stir it and quietly sing with the radio. The sun is higher. I’ve finished my coffee. The syrup is also done.



I open the refrigerator once again. I pull out an egg, some soy milk and honey. I take a bowl and put some fine buckwheat flour in it. Then I crack an egg into it. I start to stir. I slowly add the baking powder. Then the honey. Then the milk. I observe the transformation of the texture. I stick my finger into the dough and lick it. It’s tasty. Still, I squeeze some lemon juice into it and stir again. It’s getting warm. I can hear my neighbors waking up. I stop stirring. I drink a glass of water. I pull out a pan and add some non-aromatic coconut oil in it. I heat the pan. My face is also glowing. I pour some fluid dough over the hot pan. But only in the middle. I watch the dough changing its color. I count the bubbles it gets on the surface. Five breaths for each side. I flip it. The kitchen smells more and more. I open the window and the fresh air from outside tickles my face. One, two, three, four…I layer the pancakes on the plate. I build the tower of pleasure. Step by step.


I make another coffee. Double the amount. I preheat the oven and put the whole almonds inside. Thirty breaths. I take the gold out of the oven. I pour some coffee in the cups. I see my face on the knife surface. I start to chop the gold into small pieces. I pour the still warm rhubarb syrup over the pancakes. Then I sprinkle some gold over it. I cover the tower with some more maple syrup. I put everything on the wooden serving tray. I take two forks. The vase with the  lilacs too. Like a priest in the church, I spread the kitchen aroma through the whole through our home. I slowly open the door and put the tray on the bed. I silently sneak under the blanket. The bed is still warm. He is still sleeping. I kiss his forehead. It is the bed and breakfast Saturday morning.

Buckwheat Pancakes

Ingredients (makes 6 small pancakes):

1 cup fine buckwheat flour
1 egg
1 cup soy milk (or regular milk)
1 Tsp spelt flour
1 Tsp baking powder
1 Tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
a knob of coconut oil (non aromatic), or ghee


1. In a mixing bowl combine all (but not the coconut oil) ingredients. Stir until you get a smooth,  liquid (bit not too liquid) dough.
2. Heat some coconut oil (or ghee) on the frying pan.
3. When the oil is very hot, pour some dough in the middle of the pan, so that you get 10 cm wide pancakes. Fry every side for around 1 min.



Rhubarb Syrup with Rosemary


3 rhubarb sticks, chopped into 3 cm long pieces
fresh juice of one orange
4 Tsp maple syrup (plus some for later if you like more sweet)
1 vanilla pod, beans removed from the inside
A handful of fresh rosemary leaves, finely minced
A handful of almonds


1. Put orange juice, rhubarb sticks, maple syrup, vanilla beans (you can put also the rests of the vanilla pod, while cooking the syrup) an rosemary in the pot.
2. Cook everything on medium temperature until you get a thick syrup and rhubarb that’s not muddy yet.
3. While the syrup is cooking, roast the almonds in the oven until they become golden. Set cool and when cooled chop almonds finely.
4. Remove the vanilla pods from the syrup.

Buckwheat Pancakes with Rhubarb- Rosemary syrup Ensemble

1. Pour the rhubarb syrup over the pancakes and sprinkle everything with roasted almonds.




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2 Responses to Lazy saturday morning- Buckwheat pancakes with Rhubarb Syrup

  1. Jovana says:

    Pa koliko je ovo lepo… da je pesma, bila bi u nekoj antologiji svetske ženske poezije, uz Gvendolin Bruks i njeno nedeljno jutro sa mrvicama u krevetu. Da je kompozicija, na nekoj sjajnoj jazz kompilaciji, prepunoj sunčanog klavira.

    • Nikolina says:

      A ono je zapravo tamo neka food blog prica jedne zene koja zanijemi kad ju ovoliko hvale. Pa kao gljiva necujno naraste. Hvala ti, Jovana, ne samo na rijecima, vec na ovakvim rijecima!

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