The morning after


Hello my dear friends! How are you these days? Are you in the typical New Year mood, making long lists with plans and wishes for the New Year?

I am definitely trying to make Ritual Cuisine more interesting, more delicious and healthier. I finally managed to fulfill my promise to you: Ritual Cuisine is officially a polyglot. From now on you can read it in Serbian, or rather Croatian, or rather Bosnian and very soon also in German. It is three times more work for me to write a Ritual Cuisine post in all three languages, but it’s worth it. Those two flags in the right corner of the Ritual Cuisine homepage are windows to two cultures I currently live and love. Without the help of my wonderful husband I wouldn´t be able to build those technical extras on the website and that is way I want to say: THANK YOU HANS!


Now, back to Ritual Cuisine’s main goal: good food. If you are making plans for the coming year ,it might seem to be the perfect time to stop smoking, to start doing more sports, to clean your home , to be more generous, to read all those classic books and so on. And what about your nutrition? My dear friend, believe me when I say – now it is the best time to change your nutrition habits and to start to treat your body and mind lovingly and carefully.

After you have celebrated the New Year’s Eve and the hard partying is behind you, you will probably feel the desire “to start to live healthy”. So use the chance and stay persistent. Start your day with this detox juice.


Vegetable and fruit juices are the best way to clean your body, especially if you are brave (and I know you are!) and go on a juice fast at least once a month. I started doing it and I got many benefits out of it: my skin is cleaner, I almost never feel “heavy” and my immune system rocks. Don’t worry, you will not die if you skip non-liquid food for a day. On the contrary, you will feed your body with more vitamins than usual, because one juice contains for example 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 carrot and 1 cucumber – a combination and an amount you wouldn’t usually eat at once. That’s why it’s important to drink your juice slowly and not gulp it at once. The whole point about this juice fasting story is to give your body a day off of fibers, so it can digest without any difficulty. Sometimes your body/ brain needs to not spend so much energy on digestion and if you give it a chance to have a break for once in a while, it could use this energy for other important things such as detoxification. I advise you to get yourself a real juicer instead of using the blender, so that you can get only the juice out of fruit, because only then you can be sure that you drink the pure juice extract. Otherwise, if you use the blender, the fibers are still not separated from the fruit and your organism needs more energy for digestion.

Making your own juice is also very good opportunity to explore and create new flavors and combinations you never tried before. But please, be responsible to your body and start with smaller steps. If you feel good, do it more. Even if you haven’t had too much to drink at New Year’ Eve, and you don’t smoke and eat healthy, your body still absorbs toxins from the environment, stress and modern lifestyle in general.

Here is one of my favorite juices with beetroot, carrot, orange and apple. It feels good after I had some midnight sparkling wine.


Beetroot Juice for the morning after


1 beetroot
2 apples
2 oranges
2 carrots
A small piece of ginger

Directions are already familiar?


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