Zucchinis with vinaigrette of salted blackberries


In this dish, the vinaigrette of salted blackberries is everything. The vinaigrette is full-bodied and multilayered like a good wine, so every additional ingredient should be subordinated, or should be there to support this specific taste. That is why I’ve chosen slightly fried or, even better, grilled zucchinis as an accompaniment to the vinaigrette. To provide this dish with more energy I used a soaked cous cous, but also because cous cous absorbs well other aromas. And without covering them, it provides the dish with more substance. For more crunchiness I took delicate and roasted pine nuts, macadamia nuts would fit even better. Next time I’ll replace basil and try out fresh thyme leaves.


If you want to serve this dish only as appetizer, you can completely skip the grains. But if you want to make it a whole meal, I think that quinoa, pearl barley or millet would do the job as well. Anyhow, you should not overeat on this dish. It is more a sophisticated bite, a good excuse for a glass of cold rosé or champaign. Remember, eating well is a skill!


 Zucchinis with vinaigrette of salted blackberries

Ingredients (serves 2):

Cous Cous

150 g cous cous
2 dl boiled water
pinch of salt


1. Place the grains into a smaller pot and cover with boiled water. Mix well until the water is completely soaked and add a pinch of salt. Set aside.

 Vinaigrette of salted blackberries

100 g fresh blackberries, wash and drain
1 tsp coarse salt
2 shallots, peel and chop finely
1 dl apple vinegar
1 dl good olive oil
1 Tsp honey


1. Put blackberries in a saucepan and sprinkle with 1 tsp. coarse salt. Let and the blackberries rest for 1 hour with the salt.

2. Mix shallots with blackberries, put the pot on the stove and heat the blackberries for 6-8 minutes so they drop a bit of juice.

3. Add the apple vinegar, olive oil and honey. Mix well and season with freshly ground pepper, if necessary. Salt but be careful because blackberries er allready quite salty. Set aside and make zucchinis.

Fried zucchinis (grilled would be perfect as well!)

2 medium large zucchinis (or one very large), cut into 2 cm wide sticks (ca. 5-8 cm long)
1 tsp ghee or butter
pinch of salt


1. In a frying pan heat the ghee or butter and add zucchinis. Fry until lightly golden. Set aside.

Zucchinis with vinaigrette of salted blackberries

Assemble with cous cous: 

1. Spread the cous cous an the plates and cover with zucchinis.  Put the warm vinaigrette over zucchinis and sprinkle with the roasted pine nuts and basil leaves. Serve as part of a menu or as a separate lunch dish.



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