As day turns to peacetime. Fennel Ice Tea from island Korcula


Over the past days, a tranquil bay on the southern part of Croatian island Korcula surrounded me with peaceful feelings, which I guess I have had experienced only in my mothers womb. It is a feeling, when only one single breath mixes water, earth, fire and air into a perfect unity that clearly points to meaning- full/less life. At this place it is not hard to keep clear consciousness steady for those short, but valuable realizations. Instead of forceful screams and tense motions, a deceptive fatamorgana at the horizon starts to crystallize into the deepness of one pair of blue eyes, which existence discharges me of any fear from the endless breath that one day is going to take the weightless me off from the ground and temping me into the unknown.


As day turns to peacetime. When ancient monarchs are changing a shift, even the sea holds a minute’s silence to this old play of hanging over a throne. A stone smolders silently, pine forest takes its guard duty, black cat has her eyes closed (pretending to be dead), and singing crickets in their manner act up to the most holy ritual of this life. Afterwards is time for a feast.

The served meal depends on day and prey. Sleepy imagination is bathing in Dalmatian wine and those blue, clever eyes, bribe with only one blinking the crickets to extend their night shift, so he can cheerfully provoke me to the dance floor under just born moon. Glases clink, children laughter can be heard coming from the hall, we hug each other with the sweetness of our glances.


During the day people usually whisper in Tri Porte bay. And slowly sip refreshing ice tea made of wild fennel blossom. And when the mouth is wet and kisses are salty, next night crickets could sing for free!

Sugarfree Fennel- Ice Tea

Ingredients (makes 1 l tea):

1,5 kg wild fennel- stalk and flowers (not the root!)
1 l water
50 g honey
2 limes, cut into coins


1. Wash fennel and cut it into 1,5 cm pieces. Put the fennel into a bigger pot.
2. In another pot place honey, water and lime and bring everything to boil. Remove from the heat, pour the liquid over the fennel, put the lid on it and set aside overnight (12 hours).
3. On the next day drain the mixture in order to get a clear tea. Cool in refrigerator and serve with some extra lime pieces.



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