Enjoy your break! Enjoy the Green Elixir!


Working on my master thesis is slowly coming into a finishing round. Caught in the boxing ring with another body, filled to the brim with thoughts, words and associations can be very exhausting. Investing power and time is not the difficult part, but taking responsibility for authorship is the reason why I start sweating only few pages away from the goal. Learning to write is something very difficult: you are sitting in the school for hours and there is someone who forces you writing the letters – some AUTHOR-ity. Your hand is clumsy and seems like it can’t hear your brain quietly whispering its orders. But in the moment you start writing your own thoughts, you are taking responsibility for it. You are signing the authorship. It is always this responsibility that brings me to a (writing) crisis.


The final countdown is making me rather dehydrated than hungry. Like a real boxer during his break, I need some powerful fluid that keeps me awake and strong. Something that doesn’t lie in my stomach heavily. Usually I would lean on my couch and drink a coffee or tea, but recently I found something that not only regenerates my energy but also keeps me in good mood. 

As my mind, and not my oven, is on fire during these days, I basically live on snacks and I intensified the friendship with my juicer, as well. Drinking instead of eating gives me much more place to focus on writing. Don’t get me wrong – I do not only drink, but if I cook, than really simple dishes like salads, roasted veggies or simple avocado toast sprinkled with some hemp seeds and fresh herbs. But my favorite, kicking-off elixir these days is this fresh, delicate and tasty kale juice. I know, drinking something green is not really the ultimate phantasy, but yet it can be a pleasant surprise. Kale is not so strong in taste such as spinach or other greens. Kale gives this juice a very delicate basis. The whole sweetness is coming from apples, and celery root lends a slightly salty note. The spicy and striking level is achieved by ginger.


I prefer making juices instead blending smoothies, but of course, this is a matter of possibilities. If you only have a blender, you can make a wonderful smoothie with this combination, adding some orange juice, hazelnut butter or honey into it. But smoothie will not give you as much energy as this juice will, because juice is lighter for the stomach and it contains the pure essence of the plants. Green is a nice color, give it a try! Cheers! 

A Green Elixir (makes 2dl):

3 big sized kale leaves

1 small celery root

2 apples

2 cm wide ginger piece


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